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01 November 2010 @ 01:59 am
Fic: Of hemlock, games and ice cream sauce  
Title: Of hemlock, games and ice cream sauce.
Author: Shaded Mazoku.
Disclaimer: Not mine, though Kefka might very well own me...
Warnings: Kefka. Also torture.
Rating: R for disturbing content.
Summary: In which Kefka muses on ice cream, blood and chandeliers, among other things.
Words: 1367.
Notes: Despite the cheerful-sounding title, this isn't exactly a nice fic. It's a Kefka introspective, which should really say it all. Written for the spook_me 2010 challenge with the prompt cannibal (which took a side role to Kefka being creepy, I fear...)

Of hemlock, games and ice cream sauce

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